Shaking or crying at night.

Is it normal?

Yes. Absolutely.

Why is he acting this way?

Your new puppy has just left the warmth and security of his mum and little brothers and sisters. So you can understand that he may be feeling a little lonely and scared now that he is alone in his own bed.

Try this suggestion:

  • Keep puppy's crate in your bedroom for the first few nights if he won't stop crying. You could also try leaving him with a warm hot water bottle or a ticking clock (to mimic the warmth and heart beat of his mum).

This article tells you how to care for your new puppy during his first few days in your home. It's best to get your new puppy at a time when you can offer him your company and undivided attention for a few days as he settles in. If you bring him home in the morning, he'll have had time to settle in, feed, play and tire himself out before bedtime.

When your puppy first arrives, let him sniff around and make himself familiar with his surroundings; then introduce him to his bed. Introducing the puppy into the household must be done with care. This is a difficult and confusing time for him. Your home is full of strange sights, sounds and smells that he may find exciting, but a little overwhelming. He will be missing his mother, brothers and sisters, and will look to you and your family to replace the company, comfort and security he's left behind.


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